You know when you’re best friends forever, and you’re all single and inseparable, and nothing is ever gonna change—but then everything changes, because all of your friends are suddenly setting a date…and you can’t even get one? That’s Jordan Berman’s life right now. How’s your social life?

Make a date with Jordan and his tight-knit circle of friends as they navigate the ups and downs of friendship and courtship in New York City in Significant Other, the best reviewed new American play of the season that the New York Post calls, “a phenomenal and remarkably hilarious new comedy that zeroes in on the elusiveness of modern love,” and Time Out New York declares, “an uproarious, bittersweet and poignant comic delight for anyone whose heart has ever been broken. See it and bring a date!”

All of his friends are setting a date…he can’t even get one.

She just wanted someone to watch TV with…someone who’s totally obsessed with her.

She hooked up with her boyfriend in the bathroom at work…it’s getting serious.

Size doesn’t matter to her…but she wants a HUGE wedding.

She’d already been married for six years with two children…at Jordan’s age.