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Steam Press Vs Conventional Iron – Which One Should You Buy?

If you do laundry every day, then you will probably be thinking about the advantages of a steam presser over an iron and vice versa. While either of these appliances has their pros and cons, picking one of them means that you have to understand how they work with respect to your personal needs. Steam press gained popularity in the past few years, as they were not available some decades ago. Thus, we had no choice but to use conventional irons.

However, with the improvement in technology, steam pressers became popular especially because of their ability to remove wrinkles from clothes. That is not to say that conventional irons are irrelevant today, as a matter of fact, they are regaining popularity owing to the increasing issues noticed with steam pressers. This article discusses the benefits and drawbacks associated with both steam pressers and conventional irons.

Comparing the Steam Press vs. Conventional Iron 

Steam Press

Professionals have been using steam pressers for a long time owing to the advantages it offers. First, the steam presser is designed to allow you to lay the cloth you want to iron on its board and close its top down on the cloth as the heat and steam it emits presses it. Thus, unlike the conventional iron, you don’t have to move it back and forth and there is no need to turn the clothes over while ironing. Also, you don’t have to buy an ironing board along with the steam press because it is both an iron and an ironing board. Moreover, with steam pressers, you can finish ironing your clothes faster, with less effort and even lesser likely damage to your clothes. Another advantage of the Clothes Steamer is that is has a larger and smoother surface which removes the wrinkle on the clothing material faster, quicker and completely. The settings on it are varied, enabling you to choose the setting that suits the fabric you want to iron.

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While the steam press can weigh between 20 to 30 lbs, it is compact to store, just as you would an ironing board. Also, do not be worried about the safety of your clothes because steam pressers have several safety features such as automatic shutoff and other alerts which will notify you when the steaming power is high and when your clothing is ready.

Steam presses are able to hold a larger quantity of water (up to 10 oz.), compared to conventional steam iron. Thus, you can iron a larger amount of cloth before refilling it. Also, there is no need to worry about the cloth or steam press moving around. Furthermore, it is easy to press pants and shirts with the steam presser because the size of its top and bottom are equal so they line up. Any type of clothing material can stay flat on the ironing surface, without leaving a sticky residue on the surface.

The disadvantage of steam pressers is that it does not have the ability to carry out 360-degree ironing. Thus, it is difficult to iron a skirt without seeing creases on the steam presser. When ironing with the conventional ironing board, a person would just place the skirt on it, enabling the board to be inside it and iron all parts of the skirt. However, the way the steam presser is made does not allow it to do this successfully because the top plate is attached to the board. Also, most steam pressers require sturdy stands to keep them stable and only a few can be stored in the table top. Furthermore, if you have a small place, storing the steam presser can be difficult because it is not easy to unbundle it for storage. This is why most people who possess them would rather leave them in a permanent location than move them round.

Conventional Iron

Conventional irons transfer heat from its flat surface to your clothing material which is usually placed on an ironing board. Conventional irons can either use steam or heat or a combination of both. Thus, when using the conventional iron, you cannot leave it in one spot for too long, if not your clothes will be damaged. Steam pressers, on the other hand, can be left in the spot for a while to unwrinkled the cloth.  It is easier to use conventional irons on smooth fabrics, but they do not work so well on pleats and sleeves. Also, fabrics that are heavy like pima cotton and twill are better ironed with a conventional iron than a steam presser. Furthermore, conventional irons are excellent for pressing clothes that have a crease such as shirts and trousers.  To press your clothes, you have to get a strong ironing board which takes up a larger space than would be required for a steam presser.

Nevertheless, some ironing boards are very easy

y to store, all you need do is fold it accordingly and keep it in your closet or between furniture. It also requires more efforts to get the wrinkles out because you have to stand for a long time while moving the iron over the fabric over and over again. However, this also has an advantage, as you will be able to have control over the amount of pressure you apply to certain areas of the fabric to get it wrinkle free. Furthermore, you can make ironing with a conventional iron faster and easier by getting a steam iron instead of the conventional type.

Another advantage of conventional irons is its maneuverability. It can get into corners of a cloth that you cannot reach with steam pressers. For a lot of individuals, ironing their clothes this way means that they can get the small details that will be left out with steam pressers. Also, conventional irons are easier to store, all you need to do is retract the cords and wrap it around the iron and put it away on a shelf. You May Like: Best Jewelry Steam Cleaner Review.

On the downside, however, you will not be able to iron lots of cloth without replacing water in a conventional steam iron. Also, after ironing, you will find that your clothes still has wrinkles on it, making your entire work look sloppy.

Conventional iron vs. steam press

Compared to conventional irons, steam pressers do not take lots of time and energy while producing better results on parts of the garment that are not hidden. Thus, you will have lots of time to do other house chores. While conventional irons are cheaper, the effort it takes to iron clothes makes steam pressers worth investing in.  Also, conventional irons tend to lose their ceramic ironing surfaces, which results in clothes burning often.

Even though steam pressers make it more convenient to press clothes, its performance levels are lower than that of conventional irons. For example, conventional irons deliver crisper cuffs and collars and are more effective at removing crease lines in fabrics. Also, unlike steam pressers, conventional irons are more efficient for pressing seams.

With a steam press, you do not have to take your clothes for steaming and hence you save yourself some money. Also, you can iron even the most delicate clothing materials.

In summary, the steam press is the winner because it saves you time and effort; giving you enough time to do other things you enjoy doing.