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15 Best Clothes Steamer – Reviews And Buying Guide By An Expert


Suppose you need to quickly get your clothing items ready for a big occasion and your iron broke? Do you rush out to buy another clothes iron? Or do you instead, go for one of the Best Clothes Steamer offerings on the market? You might be a little hesitant to select the second option if you are not familiar with garment steamers.

You may find yourself drawn once again toward the long-standing household iron or steam iron.

But what if you heard that the garment steamer offers some great benefits that not even your trusty iron could match? Would you still hesitate?

Reliable clothes steamer reviews can help you to decide whether you can really ditch your iron and reach for the best fabric steamer your budget can accommodate.

Our review and buyer’s guide has done the hard work to come up with the best picks to save you the trouble.

Top 5 Best Clothes Steamer: Editor’s Pick.

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15 Best Clothes Steamer Review:

1. Rowenta IS6300 Master Valet Full Size Garment and Fabric Steamer

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B009IMYS7M” locale=”US” src=”http://www.significantotherbroadway.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/41pDnL7RPdL.jpg” tag=”significantotherbroadway-20″ width=”344″] [su_button url=”https://www.amazon.com/Rowenta-Garment-Steamer-Support-1550-Watt/dp/B009IMYS7M?tag=significantotherbroadway-20″ target=”blank” background=”#FF4900″ size=”6″ center=”yes” icon=”icon: share-square-o” rel=”nofollow”]Check Price[/su_button]

Your days of wearing wrinkled clothes are over with the remarkable Rowenta IS6300U2 Master Valet full-size garment steamer. This is a brand that is known for the best steamer for clothes on the market. In fact, this clothes steamer is great for steaming any type of fabric as well as upholstery, slipcovers, curtains, and drapes.  So versatile is your steamer that it removes wrinkles, kills germs, eradicates smoke and certain odors from your garments and furniture, and even gets rid of dust mites!

Much unlike other full-sized clothes steamers, the 1550-watt Master Valet offers exclusive roll and press upright support –  a flat surface you can conveniently use to press your garments against.  This helps to hold your garments in place so you don’t need to use your free hand as you steam (no accidental burns!) Designed with a big steam head, this steamer produces strong steam that covers a wide area for quick and effective results. Read related Best steam press machine review.

You can tell at a glance the amount of water you have remaining by the steamer’s extra-large see-through water tank.  This eighty-one-ounce capacity removable water tank can use regular tap water. You can also get up to one hour of steam continuously on a full tank (no more pausing ever so often for refills!) To top it off, this clothes steamer is equipped with an extendable aluminum pole so you can change the height for a more comfortable steaming experience and easily push it down when you are through.

Features and Benefits

  • A 1550-watt, full sized clothes steamer
  • A hanger that is built-in and equipped with clips and a hook to hang garments and clothing hangers
  • On/off switch you can operate with your foot
  • A handle that stays cool, fabric hose that is flexible, storage for the power cord
  • Comes with a lint pad, fabric brush, and steam bonnet.


  • The steamer is easy to move around
  • It is an effective steamer for all types of garments
  • Your steamer saves time and money (no more trips to the cleaners!)


  • The steamer head storage gets in the way whenever shirts are to be steamed (You must remove and hold it in order to slip the shirt over).
  • The pole extension is also a little short (this can be frustrating for taller persons with longer garments).

2. J-2000M Jiffy Esteam

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B0000665TD” locale=”US” src=”http://www.significantotherbroadway.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/41AS7TSMCRL.jpg” tag=”significantotherbroadway-20″ width=”444″] [su_button url=”https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0000665TD?tag=significantotherbroadway-20″ target=”blank” background=”#FF4900″ size=”6″ center=”yes” icon=”icon: share-square-o” rel=”nofollow”]Check Price[/su_button]

The J-2000M Jiffy Esteam is what you need for light commercial or home use. You might say it is the best fabric steamer for your money.  With these steamers, you can remove wrinkles from your garments, remove wallpaper, steam table linens and bed sheets, and much more.

It has a one of a kind high-impact plastic housing that is durable and wheels that can swivel to make it easy to move around. It takes just two minutes for the J-2000 to heat up and you can get one and a half hours of steaming from the  ¾ gallon water tank that is securely fitted in the steamer’s base. The J-2000 also comes with a flexible hose that is 5 ½ foot long and a steam head made of metal and a wooden handle.

You can even use the metal steam head as an iron if you need to.  So if all you need is an effective steamer that gets the job done around your home or business place, look no further than the J-2000M Jiffy Esteam.

Features and Benefits

  • Power capacity of 1300 watt / 120 volts (although for use in North America only)
  • Outer housing made of durable plastic
  • Heats up in two minutes
  • Every filling of the water reservoir provides 1.5 hours of steam time
  • Shuts off automatically for your safety.


  • Great steam output
  • Steaming duration is great with each filling
  • Easy to use
  • Also easy to move around
  • Versatile – you can use it to steam various fabrics as well as remove wallpaper.


  • The hose can get very hot so keep away from children or pets
  • Tall persons might have trouble with the limited height of the pole (their clothes touch the ground even when they are on the pole).

3. Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B000BQRD0I” locale=”US” src=”http://www.significantotherbroadway.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/31z3PUNx2BzL.jpg” tag=”significantotherbroadway-20″ width=”500″] [su_button url=”https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000BQRD0I?tag=significantotherbroadway-20″ target=”blank” background=”#FF4900″ size=”6″ center=”yes” icon=”icon: share-square-o” rel=”nofollow”]Check Price[/su_button]

Every laundry room should have a Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer.  At least, that is what you would need to have the best home clothes steamer for your purposes.  Hands down, this steamer is a reliable and effective tool for the home. Equipped with a 40-ounce water tank that you can remove to fill, this fabric steamer gives up to 45 minutes of steaming action.

Furthermore, it heats quickly and is ready within 45 seconds for any quick touch-ups you need to do. See the action of your steamfast fabric steamer as hot steam penetrates your clothing items and other fabric items and relaxes their fibers. Wrinkles disappear faster with this steamer than with the iron. The Steamfast SF-407 Fabric Steamer is also gentle on delicate fabrics and effective on heavy materials like upholstery and drapes. Furthermore, it’s powerful steam freshens fabrics, kills germs and reduces allergens caused by dust mites. Our Another Top Selected Product Review- Best Jewelry Steam Cleaner Review.

Did you know that the SF-407 is also safe to use around your children and pets? It does not need chemicals to operate which makes it safe to use. The makers of the Steamfast SF-407 Steamer are so confident about their product that they are offering a 1-year warranty. Be sure to use distilled water with this steamer, not tap water as minerals will build up in the steaming components over time.

Features and Benefits

  • Power capacity of 1500 watts
  • It takes just 45 seconds to heat up and you will get up to 45 minutes of steam continuously
  • The water tank can be removed for filling, holds 40 ounces / 1180 ml of water
  • Very effective on fabrics – wrinkles and odors are removed from garments, curtains, linens, and even upholstery
  • Comes with an extendable pole, fabric brush you can attach and a hook for garments.


  • Versatile and effective steamer
  • Provides strong steam that penetrates fabrics
  • Safe to use
  • Affordable cost


  • The wheels have no brakes so the steamer slides around during steaming
  • The extendable pole is not tall enough for some users.

4. COSTWAY 2-in-1 Garment Steamer

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”400″ identifier=”B07GYFLP5H” locale=”US” src=”https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/51HrNNAYiqL._SL1200_.jpg” tag=”significantotherbroadway-20″ width=”400″] [su_button url=”https://www.amazon.com/COSTWAY-Powerful-Professional-Commercial-Dual-Use/dp/B07GYFLP5H?tag=significantotherbroadway-20″ target=”blank” background=”#FF4900″ size=”6″ center=”yes” icon=”icon: share-square-o” rel=”nofollow”]Check Price[/su_button]

So, you spend hundreds or thousands of dollars at dry cleaners. Forget that and choose the COSTWAY two in one Garment Steamer. You will certainly achieve the same professional results that any dry cleaners would give you when you use this top-rated garment steamer. Not only is this a powerful 1600 watt wrinkle-removing apparatus, but it is also a versatile product you can use with any fabric, drape, curtain, and upholstery.

Just under 15 pounds in weight, this garment steamer is also easy to move around in any room in the house. What is great about this steamer is how quickly it heats up (in under a minute) to deliver the strong steam that removes wrinkles from your shirts, skirts, slacks, business suits, and other garments that must look good for the occasion. You can rely on this steamer to deliver steam whenever you are in a rush and need a quick touch up on our clothes. Using the COSTWAY two in one garment steamer is easy and intuitive. The handle comes with a switch that accurately controls the amount of steam you get at three levels of output.

For your delicate fabrics such as nylon use the low setting but for your denim fabrics use the highest setting. The feature that sets the COSTWAY Garment Steamer apart from the rest is a pump that allows water to travel to the top before it is heated (unlike standard steamers that must heat water at the base first!)  As a convenience this steamer can also be used as an iron, which is great for pressing collars and sleeves to a sharp finish. Your safety is also assured with its automatic shut off function when you allow the iron head to stand idle for a while.

Features and Benefits

  • This is a garment steamer which can be used as an iron
  • The soleplate on the iron can turn in a complete circle so you can iron in any direction
  • The 1600 Watt power capacity allows for three steam levels – Low/Medium/High
  • Innovative design that allows water to be pumped to the iron head through the hose
  • A water tank that can be detached for refilling
  • Five feet length water hose
  • The iron has a soleplate cover
  • The pole can be stored away.


  • Steamer produces plenty of steam
  • Easy to maneuver wherever you use it
  • Has a good grip
  • Large water tank (67.63 ounces) which is easy to fill
  • Each filling gives you around 100 minutes of continuous steam
  • The steamer comes with a micro ironing board, soleplate cover, and an insulated glove.


  • None

5. Elite Garment Steamer By PurSteam, Heavy Duty Powerful Fabric Steamer

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B00JP45F7U” locale=”US” src=”http://www.significantotherbroadway.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/31drr76GK9L.jpg” tag=”significantotherbroadway-20″ width=”418″] [su_button url=”https://www.amazon.com/Garment-Steamer-PurSteam-Powerful-Fabric/dp/B00JP45F7U?tag=significantotherbroadway-20″ target=”blank” background=”#FF4900″ size=”6″ center=”yes” icon=”icon: share-square-o” rel=”nofollow”]Check Price[/su_button]

If you rather have a steamer that is strong, powerful, and sturdy then you are going to love the Elite Garment Steamer. The Elite Garment Steamer by PurSteam can be regarded as a top product among the best steamer for dress shirts available from leading manufacturers. The versatility of the steamer is one of its winning points. This steamer comes equipped with a collapsible/adjustable hanger.

It is so easy to get rid of the wrinkles in any fabric and the Elite Garment Steamer is a great product for its expandable pole. Furthermore, this PurSteam Garment Steamer comes with a handled steam board that allows you to steam other hard to steam areas like sleeves and pockets. This steamer also comes with attachments for making creases so your garments have a finished look. So you can put creases in your dress shirts, trousers, pleats, hems and also deal with sleeves, collars, plackets and so forth.

Your order comes complete with clips for holding fabrics, pillowcases, children’s clothes, and trousers in place while you steam them. So whether you are a busy housewife needing to get through a pile of laundry or an operator of a dry cleaning or laundry business, the Elite Garment Steamer by PurSteam may be exactly what you need.

Features and Benefits

  • The water tank holds 61 ounces of water which allows one hour of continuous steam
  • This unit heats up quickly in 45 to 60 seconds
  • Steam goes deep into fabrics to relax their fibers to remove wrinkles even in the heaviest fabrics
  • Using this steamer also keeps your clothes fresh and kills most germs
  • The heating element made of cast aluminum allows the makers of PurSteam to offer a warranty for a full 5 years, much more than the warranty offered by leading competitors.


  • A versatile garment steamer can be used to steam most fabrics
  • Easy to use and maneuver
  • Heavy duty and powerful garment steamer.


  • None

6. Rowenta DG8520 Perfect Steam 1800-Watt Eco Energy Steam Iron Station

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”496″ identifier=”B00FZM1PUM” locale=”US” src=”http://www.significantotherbroadway.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/51b2BdiYecDL.jpg” tag=”significantotherbroadway-20″ width=”500″] [su_button url=”https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00FZM1PUM?tag=significantotherbroadway-20″ target=”blank” background=”#FF4900″ size=”6″ center=”yes” icon=”icon: share-square-o” rel=”nofollow”]Check Price[/su_button]

With the Rowenta DG8520 Perfect Steam station, you save time and money getting your clothes ready. This steamer produces 120 grams of pressurized steam powerful enough to remove wrinkles and stubborn creases. You get the same professional results you would have achieved with your local laundromat or dry cleaners.

No wonder Rowenta is such a well-known brand for producing the best-rated clothes steamer products. In just three minutes your steamer heats up and it is actually energy efficient as it takes 20% less energy to heat it to the desired temperature. Not only does this perfect steam station comes equipped with a 400 hole stainless-steel soleplate, it comes with a tip designed to precisely smooth between buttons, on collars, and other areas that are harder to reach.

Expect an hour and a half of continuous steam for a fill of its 47 oz removable water tank. You might be pleasantly surprised that this big unit is actually lightweight. That makes it easy to manipulate as you steam your garments.

Features and Benefits

  • Superior pressure (5 bars) to make wrinkle removal easy and effective on drapes, curtains, and hanging garments
  • Stainless steel soleplate that has 400 holes to enable micro steaming
  • Steamer produces powerful steam in one touch of the trigger to make ironing your garments effortless and quick
  • Saves up to 20% in energy to heat it up
  • Power capacity of 1800 watts
  • The extra large water tank can be removed for easy filling
  • You get 90 minutes of continuous steam so you don’t have to pause for more water during your steaming activity.


  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Versatile for use with most fabrics and garments
  • Produces professional results just like from the dry cleaners.


  • You might be burned if your hand is too close to the high volume and powerful burst of steam
  • The hose will heat up as you use it to deliver steam, but it is not too hot to burn you.

7. Beautural 1200W Handheld Clothes Steamer

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B01N1QE5ME” locale=”US” src=”http://www.significantotherbroadway.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/41cGIIvnqeL-1.jpg” tag=”significantotherbroadway-20″ width=”500″] [su_button url=”https://www.amazon.com/Beautural-Handheld-Removable-Vertically-Horizontally/dp/B01N1QE5ME?tag=significantotherbroadway-20″ target=”blank” background=”#FF4900″ size=”6″ center=”yes” icon=”icon: share-square-o” rel=”nofollow”]Check Price[/su_button]

Another option for you, especially if you travel often, is the Beautural 1200W Handheld Garment Steamer.  This portable solution helps get your clothes ready in a jiffy especially when you are in a rush. It is also convenient to use on curtains and upholstery. You can say that the Beautural Handheld Garment Steamer is your handy assistant in a pinch. You might even find that Beautural is among the brands that produce the best handheld fabric steamer products for the small and large consumer.

The Beautural handheld steamer is small, easy to utilize, and safer to use both for the home and when you travel. It takes just under one minute to heat up and be ready to use. At first, when you press the trigger after it is heated, you will have to wait a few seconds for the steam, but after that, this handheld steamer produces steam quickly at each press of the trigger.

This is also an easier way for you to get rid of creases on dresses and shirts.  It actually works on all types of material. This handheld steamer is simple to use, all you need to do is fill the water tank and plug it in.

Features and Benefits

  • This steamer gets your clothing items fresh instantly
  • It has a power capacity of 1200W
  • The water tank has a capacity of nearly nine ounces that allows for continuous steam for 14 minutes
  • It takes only 35 seconds (or less) to pre-heat
  • It does not leak when used horizontally and vertically
  • The steamer can be used on clothes, sofas, tablecloths, and other materials
  • It shuts off automatically for safe usage – this prevents burns or blisters on your hands. Auto shut off activates when water is low and after 8 minutes of inactivity
  • The Beautural garment steamer is designed to provide continuous steam once you press the lock button – no need to press the trigger all the time
  • Along with your steamer, you will get a fabric brush, measuring cup, lint brush, and an instruction manual.


  • Suitable for most fabrics such as wool, cotton, plush, polyester, nylon, silk, linen, and velvet
  • Your clothes are protected by the smooth stainless steel steam head
  • The water tank can be easily removed for easy filling and cleaning
  • Power cord pivots a full 360° to allow steaming without tangling, twisting or resistance
  • The steamer is easy to pack and carry during vacation, business trips, and other travels.
  • More convenient than a travel iron


  • Small and compact steamer not designed for heavy duty steaming tasks.

8. Keiyaloe Steamers for Clothes, Updated 240ml Fast-Heat Portable Garment Steamer

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B07L8Z26M9″ locale=”US” src=”https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/610ZBM63ymL._SL1000_.jpg” tag=”significantotherbroadway-20″ width=”500″] [su_button url=”https://www.amazon.com/Keiyaloe-Steamer-Portable-Handheld-Business/dp/B07L8Z26M9?tag=significantotherbroadway-20″ target=”blank” background=”#FF4900″ size=”6″ center=”yes” icon=”icon: share-square-o” rel=”nofollow”]Check Price[/su_button]

If your search is for the best handheld steamer here is another compact, lightweight travel garment steamer that may suit your needs.  The Updated 240ml Fast-Heat Portable Garment Steamer is ideal for traveling on vacation or other business. Quick and easy to use to remove wrinkles from your clothes, this handheld garment steamer is also designed with technology to produce dryer steam that works faster than the standard clothes iron.

Use it to get rid of wrinkles from clothes, bed sheets, cushions, and other fabrics found in the home. Despite the compact size of the travel garment steamer, you will find that it is a reliable tool that you can depend on to get the job done in any situation. For its small size, this garment steamer is actually sturdy. No holiday or business trip is complete without one of these handy wrinkle removal garment steamers.

For best results use with cold (or room temperature water)  – never hot water.  Distilled water is best also. If you need a steamer for more than a quick touch up before you head off to work or your business, you might need to consider a bigger steamer with more capacity.

Features and Benefits

  • This is a portable garment steamer ideal for traveling owing to its small size and compact design
  • The water tank has a 240ml capacity which is large for a travel steamer
  • Heats up quickly within two minutes to produce steam to remove wrinkles from your clothes
  • Easy to use to remove wrinkles and creases anywhere and any time


  • Easy to carry around and use
  • You can use it on other fabrics as well
  • Gives 20 minutes of steam continuously with a full tank.


  • Not designed for large projects.

9. URPOWER Garment Steamer 130ml Portable Handheld Fabric Steamer

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B01G9MC7GC” locale=”US” src=”http://www.significantotherbroadway.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/414kdSWnn8L.jpg” tag=”significantotherbroadway-20″ width=”500″] [su_button url=”https://www.amazon.com/URPOWER-Portable-Handheld-Powerful-Capacity/dp/B01G9MC7GC?tag=significantotherbroadway-20″ target=”blank” background=”#FF4900″ size=”6″ center=”yes” icon=”icon: share-square-o” rel=”nofollow”]Check Price[/su_button]

For an inexpensive solution that is simple to use and works well with whatever fabric you choose, look no further than the Urpower Garment Steamer 130ml Portable Handheld Fabric Steamer. No doubt, the Urpower garment steamer is one of the best portable steamer solutions you can trust to get your clothes looking and feeling fresh all the time.

Not only does this steamer heat up quickly to do your job, it is loaded with powerful technology that produces dryer steam that eliminates wrinkles quicker than the regular iron. This steamer is versatile enough to remove wrinkles from various fabrics including bed linen, curtains, drapes, and cushions.

Like most portable handheld steamers, the Urpower is easy to take with you on your trips whether for fun or for business. This handy tool helps to sharpen your clothes whenever you find yourself needing a quick wrinkle removal touch up.  So, even if you are not such a great fan of steaming, the Urpower Garment Steamer is a great tool to keep your wardrobe fresh and free of wrinkles.

Features and Benefits

  • Designed with a nozzle that sends powerful steam consistently
  • The Urpower garment steamer is easy to store when traveling
  • This garment steamer is safe to use on various fabrics and comes with an auto shut off feature that activates when the unit becomes too hot or is on a low water level
  • It gets hot quickly (within 2 minutes) to enable strong steam to be produced for wrinkle blasting results
  • It is equipped with a 130ML water tank which allows for 7-10 minutes of steaming before the water is finished.


  • Very easy to use
  • Quickly removes wrinkles
  • Can be used on other fabrics as well
  • Very safe to use around the home or business place
  • Provides as many minutes of steam continuously as leading handheld steamers.


  • This is a portable garment steamer that is not meant to be used for heavy duty steaming projects.

10. ANBANGLIN Travel Clothes Steamer

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B06ZZJCHG1″ locale=”US” src=”http://www.significantotherbroadway.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/51OvmrWeoL.jpg” tag=”significantotherbroadway-20″ width=”500″] [su_button url=”https://www.amazon.com/Anbanglin-Clothes-Steamer-Handheld-Portable/dp/B06ZZJCHG1?tag=significantotherbroadway-20″ target=”blank” background=”#FF4900″ size=”6″ center=”yes” icon=”icon: share-square-o” rel=”nofollow”]Check Price[/su_button]

For anyone looking the easy way out of ironing their clothes, the Anbanglin Travel Clothes Steamer is the perfect solution. You might consider the Anbanglin as the best travel steamer products you can find for your money. This steamer comes in handy whenever you travel and need to get your clothes neatly steamed and looking professional, even in a pinch.

While it won’t perform the same way as its larger counterparts, it will remove most wrinkles and creases to make you at least a little more presentable for any occasion. Furthermore, the Anbanglin performs better than some of the other brands of handheld garment steamers, particularly in the continuous steam department where you can have up to 20 minutes of steam.

The Anbanglin is also much easier to use than the regular iron – simply pour water into the tank and turn it on, you are ready to go. Here are a few features that make the Anbanglin the garment steamer that it is.

Features and Benefits

  • It heats up quickly within 40 seconds
  • You get 15 – 20 minutes of continuous steam
  • The steamer is equipped with a detachable 260ml water tank that can be easily filled
  • It is versatile – can be used horizontally and Vertically – steam is directed at any angle you desire for efficient preparation of your clothes
  • For your safety, this steamer automatically shuts off if the temperature rises too high.
  • Perfectly portable clothes steamer


  • The Anbanglin steamer is lightweight and quite portable for traveling and at home
  • It is easy to handle and use
  • You can purchase it from various suppliers at a reasonable cost.


  • The water tank has a small capacity so steaming bigger or more garments require frequent refills
  • It occasionally sprays water drops instead of steam which spots the garment being prepared.

11. iSteam Luxury Edition Garment Steamer for Clothes, Handheld 8-in-1

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B0759NDC41″ locale=”US” src=”https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/71CyrihksWL._SL1500_.jpg” tag=”significantotherbroadway-20″ width=”464″] [su_button url=”https://www.amazon.com/Luxury-Steamer-Technology-Powerful-Multi/dp/B07HKNX7Q5?tag=significantotherbroadway-20″ target=”blank” background=”#FF4900″ size=”6″ center=”yes” icon=”icon: share-square-o” rel=”nofollow”]Check Price[/su_button]

You might also find this little handheld garment steamer more suitable for what you want to do. Not only does the portable garment steamer from iSteam heats quickly – within 90 seconds, one full tank will last you a good 10 minutes. Not bad for a small portable steamer that can outperform the traditional iron any day! You could say that iSteam produces one of the best portable steamer solutions you can find.

With this clothes steamer, wrinkles disappear as steam goes deep into the fibers.  Your clothes are also left smelling fresh as harmful and odor-causing germs are killed! You won’t need to spend a great deal of time ironing your clothes with the traditional iron and ironing board as the portable garment steamer gets the job done quite quickly. So, whether you are preparing your dress shirt for a business meeting, or getting wrinkles out of your curtains, this garment steamer is quite effective.

The iSteam steamer shuts off automatically once it gets overheated or the water runs dry. You can certainly use it safely on any fabric including cotton, satin, nylon blends, wool, upholstery, drapes, tablecloths, linen, and bedding!

Features and Benefits

  • It does not spill and hot water does not leak out
  • It is light and compact to allow for traveling – weighs only 1.3lbs
  • The steamer shuts down automatically when its temperature goes too high
  • It is safe to use on all types of fabrics
  • With its 500-watt heating element, this steamer gets hot within 90 seconds and offers up to 10 minutes of steam. You complete your ironing quite quickly
  • The makers of the Luxury Steamer portable offer a one-year warranty on every purchase.


  • It is effective in removing wrinkles from clothes
  • It is ready to go places with you in the convenient storage bag supplied with it.


  • It leaves your clothes a little damp after use (this is actually normal so you just need to dry your clothes afterward).

12. Shark Press and Refresh Portable Garment Steamer (GS500)

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B0047E11LC” locale=”US” src=”http://www.significantotherbroadway.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/41jOFngSaqL.jpg” tag=”significantotherbroadway-20″ width=”500″] [su_button url=”https://www.amazon.com/Refresh-Portable-Garment-Steamer-GS500/dp/B0047E11LC?tag=significantotherbroadway-20″ target=”blank” background=”#FF4900″ size=”6″ center=”yes” icon=”icon: share-square-o” rel=”nofollow”]Check Price[/su_button]

What would you do with a steamer that also eliminates 99.9% of household germs and bacteria that commonly occur around the home? Take it and prove all competitors wrong! Of course! With the Shark Press and Refresh Portable Garment Steamer, you have an effective system that penetrates fibers with powerful steam that refreshes fabrics while removing wrinkles.

So you may wonder what makes the Shark Press the best handheld steamer around? It is the first portable steamer that also allows vertical pressing. So, the instant and continuous steam does its job without the help of dangerous and harmful chemicals. The innovative features of this portable steamer are its professional steaming and the exclusive wrinkle removal bar (patent pending) that brings pressure and steam together to remove wrinkles and give various fabrics a sharp finish.

In addition, each steamer is equipped with a vertical press pad that can fit on most doors so you don’t really need an ironing board to get things done. You will also love the extra long power cord that allows you a wide range of movement without getting in the way. Along with your steamer, you will receive a wand, five heads you can interchange, a hanging press pad, and clips.

Features and Benefits

  • Although this is a portable steamer it produces powerful professional steaming action
  • It erases wrinkles with its heated wrinkle eraser
  • You get powerful and continuous steam instantly
  • This steamer comes with a Vertical Press Pad that you can use vertically anywhere around the house.


  • This steamer heats up quite quickly so you can get started with your steaming
  • It is sturdy and durable so expect a long-lasting relationship with your steamer
  • The water tank is adequate for a small steamer. It is quite easy to refill.


  • None

13. Lemontec Portable Travel Garment Steamer 180ml Handheld Fabric Steamer

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Put aside your heavy iron and opt instead for a manageable and portable handheld steamer which is the best steamer for clothes. The Lemontec Portable Travel Garment Steamer is not only an easy substitute for the conventional iron in removing wrinkles fast, but it is also a convenient apparatus that gets the job done quickly. It is so easy to use, simply plug in and get going! As quickly as only 70 seconds your steamer heats up and is ready to deliver powerful steam continuously for up to 9 minutes.

Even the toughest wrinkle does not stand a chance against this small but potent steamer. With this compact steamer, your household fabrics are kept nice and fresh. Use it confidently to revitalize your clothes and you will look and feel good. It is best to use cold water to fill the 180 ml water tank.  You may also use distilled water which actually reduces mineral build-up in your steamer.

Features and Benefits

  • The Lemontec portable steamer is designed with a nozzle that distributes steam over the fabric to quickly remove wrinkles
  • This garment steamer is lightweight and fits easily in any bag pack.
  • Along with your steamer, you receive a long built-in 2 point cable so you don’t need an extension cord
  • It also features a light which tells whether the steamer is on
  • The unit turns off automatically as soon as it gets overheated or the water runs very low
  • Water tank with 180 ml capacity you can easily refill
  • This steamer heats up in just 70 seconds and you get up to 9 minutes of steaming from each full tank.


  • It does not spit water during steaming
  • Great performer for its size and price class
  • You can steam many items and leave plenty of water in the tank
  • It works well on various fabrics including cotton, silk, and heavy denim.


  • The outside of this steamer can get warm (although never too hot to touch). The spout, which is a single layer plastic through which the steam travels can get quite hot, so don’t touch it!

14. Steamer for Clothes Mini, Garments, Fabric, and Draperies

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Anyone who has ever experienced the need to get a wrinkled garment pressed and looking fresh in a hurry will love the mini steamer produced by BIZOND. It is a tiny steamer that fits quite easily inside a travel luggage but it becomes quite handy when you need to get your clothes steamed in a flash. Despite its small size, the mini steamer is actually quite powerful and features among the best handheld fabric steamer products on the market. It effectively kills bacteria and freshens your clothes.

It is so versatile that it also gets rid of odors, disinfects the bed linen, removes germs from toys, and cleans your furniture. You will look well put together and smell fresh after you use this mini steamer on your clothes. Designed with safety in mind, this small steamer does not spray water or spill it on your garments.  It is also quite effective in steaming your outfits without messing them up (much unlike some steamers on the market).

Its exterior remains cool which is a great feature especially if you are accident prone. This mini steamer is quite versatile as you can use it with most fabrics, whether delicate or tough, such as wool, cotton, nylon, polyester, satin, and silk.

Features and Benefits

  • The Electronic Pump System totally stops the spitting of water with dry steam technology.
  • You can place the unit on any surface and not damage it
  • The BIZOND steamer is equipped with a Nano Polymer Filter so that tap water is purified for use.
  • The BIZOND steamer reaches the desired temperature within 25 seconds through its Electronic Pump System.
  • This steamer is very small and compact but it can steam upside down as well as horizontally
  • As a safety feature, the steamer shuts off automatically whenever it gets too hot or after being still for five minutes
  • It is a versatile steamer to take along while traveling or to use at home
  • The makers of BIZOND steamer are so confident about the effectiveness of their product that they offer a three-year warranty, no questions asked


  • It is supplied with various attachments to be used with different fabrics
  • It allows you to control the amount of steam you get with a stop and start button
  • It cleans itself effectively
  • This personal steamer is very compact
  • It works well on a range of fabrics from chiffon gowns to velvet drapes.


  • It actually spits water when it started up for the first time (but has not done so since)
  • It requires frequent refilling – more often than the larger steamers
  • The steamer vibrates, toddles, moves as it is warming up initially (you can put a cushioning material like a towel to reduce these movements).

15. Conair ExtremeSteam Hand Held Fabric Steamer with Dual Heat

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OK, so if you are still not sure of which of these garment steamers you will choose, consider the Conair Extreme steamer which features dual heat technology. The first thing you will notice about this steamer is that the steam it creates is very concentrated. That is, up to thirty percent more intense than the steam produced by other steamers. This means even in heavy fabrics like drapery wrinkles vanish five times quicker.

Dust mites and bed bugs do not stand a chance against this highly effective steamer. Within a mere 75 seconds, the steamer heats up to produce steam continuously for around 15 minutes. This is quite impressive for a small handheld fabric steamer. If you want to see your clothes with a new appearance, trust the Conair Extreme Steam Hand Held Fabric Steamer, a product from the brand known for the best handheld fabric steamer on the market.

With 1100 watts of power the Conair is a convincing performer as it takes on even the toughest wrinkles and creases. So, leave the expensive dry cleaners and choose instead the convenience of quick and professional results at your fingertips. The Conair Extreme Steam works quite well on a wide range of fabrics, including cotton, wool, satin, silk, and other delicate and durable fabrics. Each unit comes with attachments – creaser, fabric brush, and a soft cushion brush. The Conair Extreme Steam also features an energy saving function that allows a pause during steaming that is meant to stop the continuous steam flow as an energy-saving measure.

Features and Benefits

  • This steamer features a dual heat technology that produces steam in concentrated amounts. This means the steam is 30% more potent to go deep into fabrics and erase wrinkles five times faster.
  • Steam also kills germs, bed bugs, and dust mites
  • Power capacity of 1110 watts – the steam heats up in 75 seconds with a steam time of 15 minutes for each full water tank
  • The Conair garment steamer features a slide switch to allows for the setting of the dual heat system – high and low temperatures; a trigger for the steam along with a built-in switch that allows consistent steam supply and a steam pause function to save energy
  • The unit comes supplied with three attachments that can be removed – a creaser, a fabric brush, and soft cushion brush
  • It also has a nine feet power cord.


  • The steamer is easy to carry around
  • It is lightweight so you won’t have to struggle in lifting it
  • It delivers a good amount of steam.


  • It may stop working after a few months (This might occur in a few individual instances that can be easily taken care of by the supplier).

Buying Guide: What To Consider When Choosing The Best Clothes Steamer

Buying a new or replacement garment steamer can be a real adventure if you don’t really have a clear idea of what to look for. There are a few things you need to consider in choosing the best fabric steamer.  Depending on your reason for buying a steamer you will be able to make the best choice to suit your purpose. So, decide on how you will be using your garment steamer.  If it is primarily in your laundry room you will need the upright model.  For use on the go, the handheld portable model is your best bet.

Size and weight:

From the various models of garment steamers available you will see a wide variety of weight and sizes. Check the specifications of the model you are considering to make sure they are right for you. You may opt for a garment steamer that is light enough for you to easily move it around or take with you when you travel.  It should also be small enough to fit in the space you want to keep it.  Of course, if your intention is to have a heavy duty garment steamer to handle bulky workloads, then larger, more weighty options may be your best bet.

Continuous steam:

One of the features that you should look out for when buying a garment steamer is its capacity to steam continuously.  In that way, you don’t need to keep your finger on the steam button – one press of the steam button and the steam comes in a  non-stop flow (until of course, you turn it off).

Steam settings:

You can change the steam flow any way you like with some models of the top-rated garment steamer.  This is a great feature when you need to steam both delicate as well as heavier fabrics. Check the information on the steamer model you are looking to buy for the different steam settings you can manipulate.

Heating time:

One of the cool features you would definitely want for your garment steamer is the ability to heat up quickly. This is essential when you need to have your clothes steamed quickly, without delays.  Waiting on a steamer to slowly get to the desired temperature is quite tedious. Instead, get a more efficient steamer that will quickly rise to your desired temperature anytime you need it to.  Quick heating also saves time in getting the job done with your garment steamer.

Steaming temperature:

The steamer’s temperature range is also an important consideration in buying your product. You will find various models with different maximum temperatures. Pay attention to this as the care of your clothes and other fabric depends on the choice you make. The higher the temperature, the faster the wrinkles disappear, but the more risk there is of damaging delicate material. Even if you are not able to change the temperature in the model steamer you use, simply moving the steaming head from your fabric will still get the wrinkles out without damaging your clothes.

The capacity of the water tank:

One of the more decisive features when considering a garment steamer is how much water it actually holds. Tank capacity is important if you are looking for a garment steamer to take on a mountain of clothes.  In this case, bigger is better! With steamers that have a generous tank capacity, you can get a lot done faster. You should not need to top up ever so often during your steaming session just because your water tank was too small in the first place.  Garment steamers that are standing models normally carry around 40 to 90 ounces of water and can give you from 45 minutes to an hour and a half of steaming.  Smaller models hold between 4 to 8 ounces of water which will last up to 10 minutes of steam time. If, of course, you are choosing the portable, handheld steamer, then the tank capacity is not so much of a big deal.

Suitability for fabrics:

The fabric you intend to steam also determines the type of steamer you should buy. If most of your work is around delicate fabrics, like silk, you must check to ensure that the steamer you are buying is actually suitable for such material. Most manufacturers claim that their steamers are suitable for a wide variety of fabrics. While it is an advantage to own a steamer that is so versatile, you would need to ensure that you are actually getting a steamer that is capable of removing wrinkles from any fabric.

What is a Garment Steamer?

Simply put, a garment steamer (sometimes referred to as a travel or clothes steamer) is a household apparatus that converts water into steam for the purpose of removing wrinkles from clothes and other fabrics. Water is heated until it becomes steam. With a nozzle, which is usually located at the end of a steam delivery hose, the steam is passed over the clothes to relax the fibers thereby removing wrinkles. Steamers quickly and easily get rid of wrinkles from many different types of fabrics.

The garment steamer is also handy in an emergency as you can quickly pass it over your fabric to get the wrinkles out. You actually have a choice between two types of garment steamers – the upright models and the handheld ones. The upright garment steamers are the larger units equipped with a base where the water tank is located, a hose as well as a hanger. These upright models are designed to handle large or multiple steaming jobs. The handheld model, on the other hand, is smaller and portable.  You can take these small, light units with you on trips or holidays where you can use them for smaller steaming jobs.

Benefits of a Garment Steamer 

What are some of the best benefits of using garment steamers? Immediately you might think of the immense convenience of steaming your clothes without the need for an iron. This is just one of the many benefits of using garment steamers.

Let us look at a few more:

  1. You are able to complete steaming your clothes much faster than ironing.
  2. That said, it is also much easier to remove wrinkles from delicate fabrics with a steamer than with an iron.
  3. Your delicate fabrics are also less likely to be damaged when you use garment steamers. In other words, the garment steamer is quite gentle on fabrics so steaming provides a damage free experience for most fabrics.
  4. You save more when you use your own garment steamer than if you continue to rely on costly dry cleaners.
  5. Your clothes and other fabrics will also be sanitized as germs and certain bacteria are killed by the powerful steam produced by the steamer.
  6. With the traveling steamer, you are able to use it under circumstances where no provision has been made for ironing – no iron or ironing board.
  7. You can steam your clothes almost anywhere without the need for a flat surface, like an ironing board. Anywhere you can hang your clothes is good enough for streaming.
  8. A fabric steamer is much safer to use as most brands come equipped with automatic shut off features that protect users from an overheated unit and accidental steam burns.
  9. Another benefit of using steamers, believe it or not, is that it also saves you money in the number of clothes you need to buy. The gentle treatment on fabrics means that clothes look new and fresh for longer so you don’t need to buy new clothes that often.

Who Uses Garment Steamers?

Although users of garment steamers have not yet surpassed the number of users of the traditional clothes iron, steamers are getting more popular every year. Users of steamers include the housewife, workers in dry cleaning establishments and laundromats, and persons on the go who want a quick wrinkle removal. Garment steamers are a substitute for the clothes iron in some homes, while in others it serves as a supplement to the iron.

That said, the steamer has become the go-to apparatus for getting rid of wrinkles from clothes, drapes, curtains, table and bed linen, and a wide range of fabrics and upholstery. Users can be of all ages, although there are cautions for children who must ensure that they do not touch hot surfaces or allow the steam to directly hit their skin. Fun fact: Garment steamers are also used to kill germs and get rid of dust mites!

Different Types of Fabric Steamers:

Garment steamers come in two styles, the upright or floor model, and the portable handheld model. You can tell quickly which is which.  The upright garment steamer has a base in which the water tank sits. The water tank is usually larger with much higher capacity than the handheld models. The upright steamer is usually designed with wheels to allow you to pull it along as you steam.  The upright garment steamer is larger and bulkier than the handheld models. In addition to the base that sits on the floor, the upright model also comes with a hose to which the steaming nozzle or steaming head is attached. Furthermore, the upright steamer also comes with a pole (most time expandable) on top of which is a clothes hanger.  It also comes with other attachments for the different types of fabrics you will be working with. The upright garment steamer model is ideal if you plan to keep it in one location, usually in the laundry room, and you are going to use it to steam numerous garments of different fabrics. It is usually more expensive than the handheld model.

If your aim is to pack a steamer into your luggage and take off on a vacation trip, then the best handheld fabric steamer is what you will need. These are smaller, more portable steamers that will take up little space and can fit anywhere. Handheld steamers are designed with the water tank and the steaming nozzle close together in one unit.  They also come with different nozzles and lint rollers to deal with the different fabrics you are working with. Because the water tank is designed to be close to the nozzle in one unit, it is not typically big.  Most are small tanks that you will need to fill up frequently to get the most out of them. Handheld steamers are typically less expensive than the upright models.

How to Use a Clothes Steamer

Now that you have chosen and bought your garment steamer, you might want to get yourself acquainted with how to use it.  Even if you are already a pro at using steamers, it doesn’t hurt to get a quick refresher. So here goes…

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Consider the various fabrics that can be steamed as well as those that should never, under any circumstances be steamed.  While most fabrics are suitable for steaming to remove wrinkles, there are a few exceptions that you must be aware of.  Fabrics that should never be steamed include suede, waxed fabrics, and materials like plastics that will melt.  That leaves you with those fabrics that can be steamed.  These include most cotton, wools, silks, polyesters, nylon, etc.  Of course, the difference in how you steam each fabric resides in the temperature settings that are suitable for each.  Check your fabric care labels carefully to find the temperature settings that are best for them.

When in doubt, test a small portion of your fabric to see how it stands up to the steam you are applying.  If the fabric holds up, then you may go ahead and steam the rest of it.

That said, you need to take extra care in dealing with delicate fabrics such as chiffon, silk, sheer and velvet.  These fabrics can be steamed but you need to ensure that the steamer is a few inches away from the fabric itself.  Also, move your steamer swiftly over the fabric and avoid spending too long over the same spot.  This precaution is to avoid damaging your delicates and ensure that it looks fresh and wrinkle-free at the end. For garments that have embellishments and prints, steam them inside out to avoid damage.

Other steps for using the steamer:


Fill the water tank with cold water and ensure that it does not leak. Plug it in and allow it to heat up. This usually occurs quickly, up to three minutes.  You will be able to tell that the steamer is ready when you start seeing steam coming out the steaming head or nozzle. For the best results, allow the steamer to warm up all the way.

Hanging the garment:

The best position to steam your clothes is when they are hanging.  Most upright steamer models come with a pole that you can conveniently use to hang your clothes.  This will allow you to pass the steamer over the garment without much trouble. If you are not using an upright steamer, you would need to hang the clothes on a hanger placed on a convenient hook, shower rod, or even the back of a chair.


This is the easy part as all you need to do is to pass the steam over your clothes.  No pressing is necessary. Simply pass the steaming head over the area of your clothes you steam and allow the steam to gently remove the wrinkles. While passing your steamer down your clothes, press the button as often as needed for the steam to flow. You may need to use a handheld pad to help remove extremely wrinkled clothing. To do so, slip the pad over one hand and use the other hand to maneuver the steamer. For garments that are seriously wrinkled, steam them from the inside and allow the weight of the fabric to quickly remove the wrinkles.


Your garment is usually damp after a fresh round of steaming.  There might also be water spots! Don’t curse the steamer. It is normal for a little dampness to happen. Allow your garment to dry for around five to ten minutes before you place it in your closet.

How to Clean Clothes Steamer

It is a good practice to routinely clean your garment steamer.  This is to prevent the build-up of minerals and limescale that would occur over time.  In case your steamer is already clogged by such mineral build-up, here is how to deal with that.

First, fill the steamer’s well with white vinegar that is distilled.  You may also use apple cider vinegar.  Heat the content up. As soon as this is heated, spray the vinegar completely out of the steamer into the sink. Refill the steamed with water and spray out. This will rinse the unit out and remove every trace of vinegar.

What is the Best Clothes Steamer?

The best clothes steamer varies from person to person. It really depends on your personal needs and the level at which you’re going to be using the steamer, along with your personal budget. Our list above should help you to find the best clothes steamer to suit your own circumstances. We have provided a number of options which all offer different features. We have also provided some things to consider when buying a clothes steamer, as well as the answers to some frequently asked questions about buying a clothing steamer. This should put you in a much better position for choosing the best clothes steamer for you.

Top Clothes Steamer Brands and Available on The Market 

 You might be wondering what brand of steamer you should buy that is actually the best fabric steamer for clothes. While there are so many brands to choose from, this steamer review provides a quick overview of a few top-rated garment steamer options you can try.

From the lineup of full-sized, upright garment steamers there is the Jiffy brand that is known to produce a range of steamers including the J-2000 recommended for personal and light commercial use, the J-4000 which is great for commercial use; the Rowenta brand that is known for its Master Valet style full sized steamers, and the Conair brand. These brands of upright steamers are available from most distributors, including Amazon. The price range is generally on the medium to high-cost range so if you are prepared to make this an investment, go ahead, or select carefully based on your actual budget. If you’re looking for a commercial clothes steamer, Jiffy may be the best brand to go for as they have certain steamers which are made specifically for commercial use.

Conair is also a brand you can trust for efficient handheld garment steamers.  If you much rather another design of handheld steamers, consider the PurSteam brand or the TaoTronics handheld steamer. You will find amazing deals among these brands from their distributors or even on Amazon. Other brands that may appeal to you include the Steamfast brand that produces moderately priced steamers loaded with many useful features or the Epica brand that provides a low priced alternative you can use as a quick solution when you are in a jam.

Frequently Asked Question About Clothes Steamer:

1. Do I need to press down on the fabric while using my steamer?

No, you don’t. All you need is water to use most steamers. Once you fill the tank and turn it on, the steam generated will be enough to get the wrinkles out while you move the steam head down your clothes. Of course, you must hang the clothes up for the best wrinkle removing results. While operating your steamer, you may press the trigger button on the handle to release the steam. Do so as often as necessary.  You won’t need to touch the fabric directly with the steamer as the steam does all the work for you.

2. What accessories should I look for in a garment steamer?

Steamers usually come with a number of accessories that are useful when steaming your various fabrics. These include clothes hangers, lint rollers, press pads, and fabric brushes. You may need all or some of these accessories so decide which steamer you will need and the accessories that come with it. If your steamer does not come with the accessory you might need to purchase that separately. What you buy really depends on how you will be using it and the fabric you will be working with.

3. How do I clean my fabric steamer?

Cleaning your fabric steamer after it has been blocked by mineral deposits or limescale can be done with vinegar. Ensure that the vinegar is distilled so that you can achieve the best clean. Pour vinegar into the well and get it hot. After it is heated, spray the heated vinegar out of the steamer. Fill again with clean water and rinse to remove the vinegar. This should get your steamer back to peak performance again.

4. Can a Steamer Replace My Iron?

Not really. The truth is that you need both a steamer and an iron for different reasons. To deal with wrinkle removal from most fabrics in a quick and easy way, a reliable fabric steamer is your best choice. The best garment steamers are also great for delicate and soft fabrics such as satin, silk, jersey, and polyester – fabrics that the iron burns easily! If you need to really remove wrinkles from hard to steam areas, such as sleeves, collars, and pockets, the good old iron is what you need. Another thing to consider is that the iron is best for putting creasing in your clothes, something a steamer is not good at.

Final Verdict

You are now in a better position to choose the best Clothes steamer from the wide range of options available today on the market. Our review and Buyer’s Guide has given you more than a quick glance at what to consider in choosing the best fabric steamer, and how to take care of it when you do. Fifteen of the top fabric steamers have been highlighted that you can select from. Even on a tight budget, you will find the right steamer that suits your purpose. You have been given enough to chew on so the rest is up to you.