10 Best Steam Iron 2018 – Reviews and Tested By an Expert

You are in the market for a new steam iron but can’t seem to settle on the one you want.  There are so many options and you are confused as to which is the best steam iron for clothes and other fabrics. You don’t want to rush into buying the first steam iron that catches your eye.

You may have checked steam iron reviews before coming into the appliance store.  Yet there are quite a few considerations you need to take into account when making your final selection. Not to worry, our review and buying guide will help you out.

Your purpose for buying a steam iron in the first place is a key consideration.  Are you buying one for the first time? Is this a replacement for a steam iron that has outlived its useful life, or was damaged or broken?

Top 5 Best Steam Iron: Editor’s Pick.

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Whatever your reason for wanting to buy a new steam iron, we have you covered. You don’t need to do much more than read what we have found out about the best steam Press irons for you.

So, check out our picks from the best steam irons 2018 that are certain to meet your expectations.

10 Best Steam Iron Reviews 2018:

1. Rowenta DW5080 Focus 1700-Watt Micro Steam Iron

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”450″ identifier=”B004ILTH1K” locale=”US” src=”http://www.significantotherbroadway.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/51fH8i0DGXL.jpg” tag=”significantotherbroadway-20″ width=”500″] [su_button url=”https://www.amazon.com/Rowenta-1700-Watt-Stainless-Soleplate-Auto-Off/dp/B004ILTH1K?tag=significantotherbroadway-20″ target=”blank” background=”#FF4900″ size=”6″ center=”yes” icon=”icon: share-square-o” rel=”nofollow”]Check Price[/su_button]

First, off is the German made Rowenta DW5080 Focus steam iron that is chock full of features to remove wrinkles from any fabric. With its stainless-steel soleplate that features 400 holes for steam, it’s no wonder that ironing will become a pleasant chore after all. This is made possible by its efficiency in distributing steam over a wide area, and its precise tip that allows you to easily maneuver between buttons, over collars, and along seams. We made another top clothes steamer review.

You don’t actually need to use distilled water with this steam iron, tap water is enough (you might still need to take care to ensure that your iron does not clog up over time.) Getting your iron started is also quite simple – turn on the thermostat knob and choose your setting for nylon, silk, wool, cotton, and linen. This iron also adjusts the steam automatically to match the temperature of the soleplate (keep the auto-steam off to dry iron though). Furthermore, this iron provides “burst of steam” to combat stubborn wrinkles in any garment. In addition, this iron allows you to vertically steam your hanging clothes and drapes.

That is really convenient. One of its safety features is the auto-shut off function which activates when you leave your iron idle for after 8 minutes in an upright position or after 30 seconds in a horizontal position. Your iron also features a self-cleaning system that removes loose minerals so that it performs efficiently. So, no matter the clothes you want to iron, the Rowenta Focus is the steam iron that will get the job done.

Highlighted Features

  • Energy capability 1700-watt
  • Stainless-steel soleplate for easy gliding and a precision tip to reach difficult areas
  • 400-hole steam vent design for a total distribution of steam
  • Controls clearly marked – automatic steam; thermostat knob; a burst of steam
  • Water tank with a capacity of 10 ounces, comes with a level indicator
  • OK to use tap water
  • Auto shut-off (triggered three ways);
  • A self-cleaning system to keep iron functioning like new.


  • Heats quickly
  • Indicator lights when the iron has reached the desired temperature.
  • Easy to use controls
  • The cord is long enough for application
  • Effective in removing wrinkles
  • Strong and durable steam iron.


  • Settings dial can be easily shifted during ironing.
  • The iron is heavy (it may, however, be just right for you.)

2. BLACK+DECKER Digital Advantage Professional Steam Iron

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B0006ZUHR0″ locale=”US” src=”http://www.significantotherbroadway.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/41UKisPHcL.jpg” tag=”significantotherbroadway-20″ width=”500″] [su_button url=”https://www.amazon.com/BLACK-DECKER-Advantage-Professional-D2030/dp/B0006ZUHR0?tag=significantotherbroadway-20″ target=”blank” background=”#FF4900″ size=”6″ center=”yes” icon=”icon: share-square-o” rel=”nofollow”]Check Price[/su_button]

The name Black + Decker is associated with high-quality products.  So, it’s not a surprise that its Digital Advantage Professional Steam Iron is among the best steam irons on the market that can be recommended for you. Whatever the fabric you are working with, expect sharp, professional results. One of its best features is its LCD screen that allows you, with a single touch of a button, to choose and adjust the steam and fabric settings.

It actually comes with seven heat settings, more than what other irons provide! For greater convenience, the settings are very easy to read and the iron beeps “Ready” when it reaches the desired temperature. On top of this, the digital iron produces thick, powerful steam, and you can use it vertically just like a steamer to get wrinkles out of hanging clothes and drapes. In addition, its easy-glide soleplate made from stainless steel will give you superb ironing results for a long time.

You can also have peace of mind with its three-way automatic shut off feature. So, in a nutshell, your ironing experience with the Black + Decker steam iron will feature no drips, no splatters, amazing steam, the perfect weight, great soleplate, excellent ability to get around buttons and in pleats with the ridge around the point. It is also available at a price that is within your budget.

Highlighted Features

  • Soleplate is made of stainless Steel which allows for smooth operation on any fabric
  • Powerful steam that blasts wrinkles away effectively. You can customize the digital settings for the best steam level for any type of fabric
  • Easy to see LCD screen for easy customization of steam and fabric settings.
  • In addition, the screen flashes “READY” as soon as the iron reaches the temperature you selected
  • Independent temperature and steam controls allow you to adjust each setting separately to achieve the best results on any fabric
  • Shuts off automatically.


  • A moderately heavy iron
  • Steam is powerful enough to blast away wrinkles
  • Instantly heats up to the desired temperature
  • No drips or water stains


  • Cord is non-retractable
  • Steam adjustment control location can cause accidental adjustment while ironing.

3. Sunbeam Steam Master GCSBSP-201 Stainless steel Soleplate Iron

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B01AX6RCD8″ locale=”US” src=”http://www.significantotherbroadway.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/41GV4pJVHKL-1.jpg” tag=”significantotherbroadway-20″ width=”500″] [su_button url=”https://www.amazon.com/Sunbeam-GCSBSP-201-FFP-Anti-Drip-Non-Stick-Retractable/dp/B01AX6RCD8?tag=significantotherbroadway-20″ target=”blank” background=”#25B027″ size=”6″ center=”yes” icon=”icon: share-square-o” rel=”nofollow”]Check Price[/su_button]

Against the new Sunbeam Turbo Steam Master wrinkled clothes don’t stand a chance. The power to eradicate wrinkles in any fabric is in your hands and with every use, you will achieve professional ironing results. The Sunbeam steam iron is designed to deliver powerful shots of steam and you can also use it to rid draperies and hanging clothes of wrinkles fast. The commercial-sized stainless steel soleplate offers a smooth and easy glide over any fabric.

Just put it to the test and see for yourself why the Sunbeam steam master is among the best-rated steam irons for the money. It features dual spray mist which means more water is sprayed to remove even the most stubborn wrinkles every time. Furthermore, it is equipped with a retractable cord for convenient and safe operation. The Sunbeam is also designed with a chrome finish and teal accents that represent style and contemporary details.

This steam iron is also made to last and is perfected from 100 years of performance experience. Your daily life is made much easier with this steam iron that is equipped with the latest steam technology and features.

Highlighted Features

  • 1400 watt iron equipped with a stainless steel soleplate that is large and does not stick
  • Big water tank to hold more water, anti-drip so water doesn’t leak on your material
  • Steam bursts that are strong and powerful, works on flat areas as well as on drapery and hanging clothes
  • Automatically shuts off if the iron remains idle in any of three ways
  • A retractable cord that is eight feet long
  • A self-cleaning system that prevents calcium build-up for peak performance.


  • Powerful steam
  • Easy to use temperature control
  • Large water tank
  • Non-leaking iron
  • Heavyweight yet easy gliding
  • Retractable Cord


  • Colored plastic not easy to see through as clear plastic
  • Front of iron may melt if too hot.

4. Steamfast (SF717) Home-and-Away Mini Steam Iron

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B001DTHPEQ” locale=”US” src=”http://www.significantotherbroadway.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/41j74pWoZgL.jpg” tag=”significantotherbroadway-20″ width=”500″] [su_button url=”https://www.amazon.com/Steamfast-SF717-Home-Away-Steam/dp/B001DTHPEQ?tag=significantotherbroadway-20″ target=”blank” background=”#FF4900″ size=”6″ center=”yes” icon=”icon: share-square-o” rel=”nofollow”]Check Price[/su_button]

Here is a steam iron that can rival irons twice its size and is placed among the top rated steam irons.  The tiny Steamfast SF-717 is specially made for compact efficiency. It has the ability to produce crisp seams and rid clothes of wrinkles. This little steam iron can be used in your home but it is light and easy to take along whenever you travel. One advantage that the Steamfast has over its bigger counterparts is the ability to go into pleats and around pockets.

With its soleplate that doesn’t stick,  the Steamfast SF-717 will reach other areas that larger irons cannot get to. Also, it has a water capacity that is less than two ounces but it offers a fast 15-second heating time.  Amazingly, this is enough to generate plenty of steam! You don’t need more than three temperature settings for this little dynamo. The Steamfast SF-717 is ideal for touching up your garment quickly or just to smooth out the odd wrinkle.

You get a travel bag that is convenient to use whenever you travel.  It is also conveniently designed to accept dual voltage for those overseas trips. This iron does not feature auto shut off so you must turn the knob off and plug it out when not using it. The Steamfast SF-717 is a trusty companion at retreats and sewing classes.  It heats quickly and cools slowly.

Highlighted Features

  • Mini steam iron with a capacity of 420-watt can remove wrinkles from some fabrics
  • Small water tank with a capacity of 1.4-ounces
  • Heats quickly – in 15 seconds using three settings for temperature
  • Soleplate does not stick to surfaces
  • One-touch control for steam
  • Features dual voltage which is convenient for travel abroad
  • Comes with a travel bag and a plastic cup.


  • Easy to use, compact and handy
  • Heats quickly yet cools slowly
  • Non-stick soleplate can reach tiny areas bigger irons can’t get to.


  • Does not shut off automatically. You must remember to turn it off and unplug it.

5. Rowenta DW8080 Pro Master 1700-Watt Micro Steam Iron

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”400″ identifier=”B00305H9U6″ locale=”US” src=”http://www.significantotherbroadway.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/41HoBFxnIVL.jpg” tag=”significantotherbroadway-20″ width=”400″] [su_button url=”https://www.amazon.com/Rowenta-1700-Watt-Stainless-Soleplate-Auto-Off/dp/B00305H9U6?tag=significantotherbroadway-20″ target=”blank” background=”#FF4900″ size=”6″ center=”yes” icon=”icon: share-square-o” rel=”nofollow”]Check Price[/su_button]

You don’t need to go far for professional results.  Not when you have the Rowenta Pro Master, which is one of the best steam irons for home use, in your corner. This 1700-watt steam iron comes with an anti-scratch soleplate made of stainless steel and a full metal shield. With 400 micro holes in the soleplate, you are certain to get strong steam power to remove wrinkles from any garment. You are also able to glide this steam iron easily across any fabric and the highly polished soleplate has a rounded back end that allows smooth movement on clothes.

It also includes a precise tip that allows you to easily maneuver along seams, in between buttons, and over collars. You are also able to adjust the continuous steam that this iron produces and the temperature of the soleplate can also be changed to suit a wide range of fabrics including wool and silk. You won’t have trouble with thick fabrics and hard to erase wrinkles, thanks to this iron’s powerful blast of steam. With the steam iron held upright, you can also deliver steam to clothes that are hanging, drapery, and delicate items, all at a touch of a button.

Furthermore, you stand to benefit from this iron’s anti-drip system that won’t allow water to leak out at low heat, and its self-cleaning system to flush mineral deposits. Your safety is also provided for with the 3-way automatic shut-off — if idle after 8 minutes upright or after 30 seconds horizontal or if it fell over. So get any ironing job done easily and completely with the premium-grade Rowenta DW8080 Pro Master steam iron.

Highlighted Features

  • Professional quality iron equipped with a full metal shield, 1700-watt
  • Shuts off automatically for safety
  • Over 400 micro holes on soleplate allowing wider steam distribution
  • Stainless steel soleplate with precision tip makes ironing a breeze
  • Steam bursts, variable control, and cool mist spray features. Versatile with vertical and horizontal use
  • 7-ounce water reservoir.


  • Powerful steam even on medium settings
  • Removes wrinkles in a single pass
  • Can get into corners with its pointed nose
  • Can use regular water from the tap (no need to filter)
  • Does not drip or leak
  • Effective self-cleaning feature.


  • Iron may be too heavy for some users
  • The hinged covering for the waterhole must be snapped shut (takes a bit of effort)
  • Requires regular upkeep (don’t wait too long between cleanings). The good thing is that cleaning is easy and fast.

6. Maytag M400 Speed Heat Steam Iron & Vertical Steamer

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B00AW51G2Y” locale=”US” src=”http://www.significantotherbroadway.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/31Eieko6T3L.jpg” tag=”significantotherbroadway-20″ width=”433″] [su_button url=”https://www.amazon.com/Maytag-M400-Speed-Vertical-Steamer/dp/B00AW51G2Y?tag=significantotherbroadway-20″ target=”blank” background=”#FF4900″ size=”6″ center=”yes” icon=”icon: share-square-o” rel=”nofollow”]Check Price[/su_button]

You know you are in good hands when you are presented with a high-quality steam iron from Maytag.  That is because the makers of this iron is a trusted name for superb products for over 50 years. You could say the Maytag M400 Speed Heat Steam Iron is one of the best professional steam irons available on the market today.  And no wonder, with its 1500 watts power and its three-way automatic shut off feature, and soleplate made of stainless steel, you should expect nothing but superior results in your ironing.

Talk about quick heating and this steam iron from Maytag is a champion. Within a mere 55 seconds, your steam iron is heated and ready to go! No matter what fabric you are dealing with, your iron will make short work of it – putting in crisp seams and removing even the most difficult wrinkles in no time. The people at Maytag are confident that you won’t be disappointed with your speed heat steam iron that they are supporting you with a  2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

If you are like many others who absolutely hate ironing, you should have no difficulty using this easy to heat, effective, and smooth moving steam iron.

Highlighted Features

  • Heats quickly and reaches maximum temperature in under one minute
  • Needs only three seconds for the steam to return after each burst
  • Stainless steel soleplate moves smoothly over fabrics
  • Can be used vertically on drapes and clothes that are hanging
  • Temperature setting is precise thanks to its easy to turn dial. Great for fabrics like Cotton, Silk, Linen, Wool, Synthetic, and Nylon.
  • Features self-cleaning so that there is no build-up of calcium deposits
  • Has an eight-ounce capacity tank that is detachable for easy filling.


  • Easy to use and maneuver
  • Soleplate glides smoothly over fabrics
  • Comes with a plastic cup for filling the iron
  • Tap water can be used (but make sure to empty when you are finished ironing)
  • Produces powerful steam which is effective against wrinkles
  • Does not leak.


  • None

7. SINGER Expert Finish 1700 Watt Anti-Drip Steam Electronic Flat Iron

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”375″ identifier=”B003VX1J2G” locale=”US” src=”http://www.significantotherbroadway.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/31l1z3U6hSL.jpg” tag=”significantotherbroadway-20″ width=”500″] [su_button url=”https://www.amazon.com/Anti-Drip-Stainless-Soleplate-Electronic-Settings/dp/B003VX1J2G?tag=significantotherbroadway-20″ target=”blank” background=”#FF4900″ size=”6″ center=”yes” icon=”icon: share-square-o” rel=”nofollow”]Check Price On Amazon[/su_button]

You might, however, prefer a steam iron from SINGER and this option, the Expert Finish Steam Iron, may be your best bet. It is a 1700 Watt iron offering a range of features that make ironing not a bad chore after all. Not surprising, SINGER has produced one of the best steam clothes iron on the market. There is no mistake with the precise digital temperature display that provides the correct amount of heat to the fabric selected.

You also get the right amount of steam on the various fabrics with this well-designed iron. Stubborn and hard to remove wrinkles will be gone when you put this steam iron on the job. It distributes steam evenly so that your fabric will be well covered. Like most steam irons available on the market, the Singer Expert Finish steam iron is self-cleaning to prevent mineral build-up.  It is also very safe to use, thanks to its three-way automatic shut off feature, just in case you forget to turn it off before you leave it idle for too long. The stainless steel soleplate makes ironing a smooth and easy task.

You can also move freely while you iron thanks to the power cord that can pivot in a full circle (you won’t get tangled in the cord!) Furthermore, you won’t have to deal with leaks and other annoyances owing to a badly designed steam iron.  Not with this Singer Expert Finish Steam Iron which has an anti-drip feature to prevent your clothes from getting wet when your iron’s temperature is low.

Highlighted Features

  • Even steam distribution for fast, efficient ironing
  • Precise LCD temperature controls that also alerts you when the desired settings are reached
  • Pivoting power cord that allows free movement during ironing
  • Iron does not drip or cause leakage
  • Very safe to use as it will shut off automatically if left alone vertically after 8 minutes, horizontally after 30 seconds, or on its side also after 30 seconds.


  • Gets wrinkles out, even from heavy fabrics
  • The measurements in the water reservoir are easy to read
  • Gets hot quickly
  • Shuts off automatically for safety (note that this feature actually delays long enough for you to return without having to start the iron each time).
  • Prominent the tip on the soleplate allows easy movement even at the sharpest corners and pleats.


  • Inconsistent steam output (at least as reported by some customers).

8. Panasonic NI-L70SRW Cordless Iron, Curved Stainless Steel Soleplate

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”500″ identifier=”B000P6CRLO” locale=”US” src=”http://www.significantotherbroadway.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/41x9XQe7nBL.jpg” tag=”significantotherbroadway-20″ width=”500″] [su_button url=”https://www.amazon.com/Panasonic-NI-L70SRW-Cordless-Stainless-Soleplate/dp/B000P6CRLO?tag=significantotherbroadway-20″ target=”blank” background=”#FF4900″ size=”6″ center=”yes” icon=”icon: share-square-o” rel=”nofollow”]Check Price On Amazon[/su_button]

You never imagined that ironing could become such an enjoyable chore until you meet the   Panasonic NI-L70SRW Cordless Iron. With this convenient design, you won’t contend with a power cord that gets in the way. It’s a hassle-free experience using this cordless iron which you can charge on its base and it’s go time!  This clothes iron also offers a soleplate that is curved for easy movement over your fabrics.

The stainless steel soleplate also allows you to easily glide over clothes and remove wrinkles. Not only is this iron so easy to maneuver on your clothes, but it also features an easy to read electronic temperature-control panel. Quickly set your temperature and experience efficient ironing at its best. Features you should expect from one of the best lightweight steam irons include cool spray mist, adjustable steam, non-drip system, and vertical steam.

It also comes with a water tank you can detach which is easy to fill. Safety is also important to the makers of this Panasonic steam iron and this you get from its auto shut off function.

Highlighted Features

  • Soleplate made of stainless steel for easy movement across your fabrics
  • You control your iron with the touch of a button
  • It turns itself off when not being used
  • Three heat settings, steam is adjustable, spray mist, it cleans itself,
  • Can be used vertically to steam draperies and hanging clothes
  • Detachable water tank.


  • High-quality steam iron
  • Strong steam output
  • Can retain heat for a long time when charged
  • Recharges quickly so you can return to ironing
  • Great for quilting
  • Curved soleplate that will never get caught in the edge of fabrics
  • The transparent water tank that is easy to see through (you can immediately know when water is low).


  • None

9. Shark Ultimate Professional Iron (GI505)

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”393″ identifier=”B00GJB25XE” locale=”US” src=”http://www.significantotherbroadway.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/41kdcvjHQpL.jpg” tag=”significantotherbroadway-20″ width=”500″] [su_button url=”https://www.amazon.com/Shark-Ultimate-Professional-Iron-GI505/dp/B00GJB25XE?tag=significantotherbroadway-20″ target=”blank” background=”#FF4900″ size=”6″ center=”yes” icon=”icon: share-square-o” rel=”nofollow”]Check Price On Amazon[/su_button]

Your ironing task could also be made easier with the Shark Ultimate Professional Iron. With this top steam iron for clothes, you can achieve great results on any wrinkled fabric. The powerful steam output generated by 1800 watts of energy makes ironing even the toughest wrinkles an easy feat.

So, if you expect consistently high-quality results on any fabric from silk to linen, the Shark Professional Iron is just for you. Among its features is its stainless steel soleplate made to move smoothly over your garments, easy to use fabric selector, anti-drip function, and automatic shut off if left unused in any position.

Furthermore, the Shark Ultimate Professional Iron comes with a very big water tank that allows for more steam than other irons. Designed to clean itself and prevent mineral build-up, this steam iron will keep functioning effectively for a long time. You will also love the bottlenose shape of the iron’s tip which makes it super easy to get around tight corners and buttons.

Highlighted Features

  • Produces more steam with 1800 watts of power
  • 5 inches Soleplate made of Stainless Steel to smoothly glide over any fabric
  • Big 300 ml water reservoir
  • Does not drip or allow a mineral build-up
  • Equipped with an 8-foot power cord.


  • Heats up quite quickly
  • Easy to maneuver soleplate
  • Sturdy with a moderately heavyweight
  • Easy to use temperature control
  • Greenlight alerts you when the iron is ready
  • Shuts off automatically for your safety


  • Does not come with water cup so filling the water tank is a little awkward.

10. T-fal FV4017 Ultraglide Non-Stick and Scratch Resistant Steam Iron

[easyazon_image align=”center” height=”441″ identifier=”B01HOEZ7VQ” locale=”US” src=”http://www.significantotherbroadway.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/41pEtTsF4tL.jpg” tag=”significantotherbroadway-20″ width=”500″] [su_button url=”https://www.amazon.com/T-fal-Ultraglide-Non-Stick-Resistant-Soleplate/dp/B01HOEZ7VQ?tag=significantotherbroadway-20″ target=”blank” background=”#FF4900″ size=”6″ center=”yes” icon=”icon: share-square-o” rel=”nofollow”]Check Price[/su_button]

Finally, on our list, you have the quite powerful Ultraglide FV4017 steam iron made by T-fal, a leader in the steam iron business. Get your ironing chore over and done with and remove it from your “to-do” list. Capable of producing 1700 watts of energy, this Ultraglide steam iron produces up to 50% more steam to give you the extra push to get rid of wrinkles from any fabric, including linen, cotton, linen, wool, and silk.  You can efficiently get your ironing done on anything – blazers, blouses, trousers, work shirts, and even table linen.

No wonder the Ultraglide FV4017 can be regarded as the steam iron for clothes you can buy. An innovative feature of this steam iron is its soleplate that is an enameled Durilium ceramic which consists of an aluminum layer (to distribute steam and heat evenly), an enamel layer (allowing ultra-smooth glide), and a tip that precisely reaches tight areas.

On top of that, the Ultraglide steam iron has an ergonomic feature, the integrated steam trigger, which is found on the handle’s underside. All you need is a simple press to produce a powerful steam burst to eliminate wrinkles. You can also use this steam iron vertically on your drapes and clothes that are hanging.

Highlighted Features

  • 50% more steam capability thanks to the steam iron’s 1700-watt power
  • Ceramic soleplate glides smoothly over fabrics
  • Even distribution of steam and heat
  • A steam trigger that is ergonomically placed on the underside of the handle for releasing powerful steam bursts
  • A tip that is made for precision in reaching tight areas
  • Can be used vertically like a steamer.


  • Does not drip when the temperature is low
  • Iron cleans itself and does not produce mineral deposit build-up
  • Equipped with an extra large water tank
  • Shuts off automatically when left idle in any position
  • Soleplate that glides over fabrics.


  • Water leaks from the steamer button
  • You won’t get a sound alert when the temperature you set is reached. You get a light that blinks (but it is not very bright).

Buying Guide: Things to Look When Choose The Steam Iron Machine

When buying your steam iron there are a number of things you may need to consider to choose from our best of reviews. These may include features that make the iron easier and more effective to use, and factors that make your iron great to own.

Here are a few important things you may consider when buying steam iron:


Your steam iron’s soleplate is an important consideration when making your selection. The most common options are anodized aluminum, stainless steel, nonstick, and ceramic. More often than not the most effective soleplates that glide well on garments are ceramic and stainless steel.


The controls on a steam iron should be easy to see and manipulate. The digital controls, dials, or slides are there for your convenience. Some models may feature controls that are a bit difficult to understand and use. Thankfully, most steam irons feature easy to see and simple to use controls. Nonetheless, ensure that the iron you are about to buy also has clearly marked fabric settings.


You want to ensure that the iron is comfortable to hold and operate. Take a hold of it and test its weight in your hands.  Is it too heavy? If it is awkward to hold and maneuver then try another iron. It’s a good idea to try your steam irons before you buy.


Depending on the weight of the steam iron more or less downward pressure is required as you iron. Heavier irons require less pressure than lighter irons during ironing. Of course, the weight you choose is also determined by the ironing tasks you most often do. So choose the steam iron which has the weight most suitable for your purpose.


Irons equipped with a retractable cord are convenient to use. Cords do not get in your way and once you are through with your ironing you can allow the cord to retract inside the iron’s body. There are other convenient features you can check for when buying your steam irons.  These include button grooves that allow the iron to glide between buttons and drip protection that keeps the iron from dripping water on your garments whenever it is at low temperature.


It’s important to check the safety features of your steam iron before you buy it. Features such as auto shut off and the power on light are helpful to keep your ironing experience accident-free. Talking about auto shut off, it’s recommended that you go for the three-way type – that is, an auto shut off that is triggered whether the idle iron is face down, on its heels, or sideways.

Of course, this list does not cover all the things you should consider when buying your steam iron.  Depending on your own preferences, you may think of things like color, shape, the number of steam vents on the soleplate, cost, and whether it will last for years to come. In any event, the iron you buy should be a reliable one that will do the job for you.

Feature and Benefit of Steam Iron

Depending on the brand, you will find irons that have many useful features that will positively benefit you.

Here are a few features you might like:

  • Auto Shut-Off: A common feature of most new models. This allows the iron to shut off power after a few idle seconds. No matter whether the iron is upright or flat on its face your iron shuts off when no one is using it. This is a safety feature you will certainly be glad you had.
  • Surge button: With a press of this button you get a blast of steam on your fabric. This feature is a tremendous help whenever you are trying to iron away wrinkles from heavy fabric like denim.
  • Convenient Controls: You can easily see the fabric settings on your steam iron. You can also reach the temperature setting controls which are clearly labeled. These controls are quite effective, particularly if located on the front of the handle. Indicator lights on most iron models tell you that the power is on.
  • Self-Cleaning System: This is another feature that helps to make your steam iron more effective. It cleans itself by flushing mineral deposits out of the steam vents. Prolonged use, as well as hard water, may, however, affect this system over time.
  • Steam Gauge or Adjustable Steam: Another way to prevent leaks in your steam iron is to turn the steam off or adjust your steam amount, as required. The steam gauge feature is found in most irons and is useful whenever you steam at lower settings.
  • Transparent Water Reservoir: With the transparent water reservoir offered by some brands, you will see the water level. This leaves no doubt whenever you are ironing and you need more water to finish the job.
  • Vertical Steaming: The vertical steam feature in some models of steam iron allows you to hold the iron upright and remove wrinkles from drapes and hanging garments.
  • Water Fill-Hole Cover: Some steam irons are equipped with a sliding or hinged cover located over the water-fill hole. This helps to stop the water from leaking out of your iron.

How to Clean a Steam Iron

Cleaning your steam iron is quite easy to do.  All you need are distilled water and white vinegar.  If you much rather buy the steam iron cleaning solution from a store, that’s OK as well.

First, empty the iron’s reservoir of any water that may have been left. Next, pour the distilled water inside the iron to about a third of the reservoir.  Turn the iron on and adjust it to the highest temperature setting.  Run the iron over a clean cloth and allow the steam vents to be flushed during the process. Do this for a few minutes. You may like Related product review best steam inhaler.

If you want a stronger mixture, use a ¾ cup of water mixed with a ¼ cup of white vinegar. You are sure to get a more effective clean that will last you a much longer time.

Cleaning the outside of your steam iron is just as easy. The main area you need to be concerned about is the soleplate.  You can also use a mix of distilled water with baking soda or table salt. Make sure that the mix is a paste that you can apply with a clean cloth to the surface of your iron’s soleplate.

To minimize the need for cleaning every time, you can take certain steps to keep your steam iron functioning well. For instance, always use distilled water in your reservoir – avoid tap water which contains minerals that will build up in your steam vents!

Also, whenever you are filling your iron with water make sure that it is cool and unplugged first. Once you are done the ironing, allow your iron to cool before you put it away.  Get rid of any moisture on your iron with a clean cloth before you put it away. Always store your iron in an upright position to keep the soleplate clean.

How to Unclog a Steam Iron

After using your trusty steam iron for a while you notice that it stains your clothes more and more every time you use it. One explanation is that the steam vents are clogged and need a good cleaning. You can clean the steam iron yourself quite effectively.

One option is to buy the steam iron cleaning products that are commercially available. With these products, you can unclog the steam iron vents with little trouble.

Another useful option is to use distilled white vinegar to unclog your steam vents. This option is gentler and less costly than what you would buy in the store.

To begin, mix one-half cup of the distilled white vinegar with one-half cup of distilled water.  Slowly pour the mixture into the iron, which should be cool and unplugged. Placing the iron upright on its heels on a level surface, check the steam vents.

If there is white residue inside the holes, get a wooden or plastic toothpick to remove the build-up. Avoid using metal objects as these can scratch the soleplate.

After you have poured the mixture and watched the steam vents for a while, plug the iron in, turn it on, and adjust the steam settings. Allow at least five minutes for the iron to heat up.

Press the steam button and hold it for up to 30 seconds or until you see the steam coming out freely. Repeat at least six times. Turn the iron off, plug it out, and wait for it to cool down completely.  Once the iron is cool enough, pour the remaining vinegar/water mixture out of the steam iron.

That’s it, you’re done!

How to Clean an Iron Soleplate Surface

The soleplate of your iron can get dirty and grimy after frequent use so you will need to clean it.

But how?

One recommendation is to clean it with a paste consisting of baking soda or you could substitute with table salt, and distilled white vinegar.  Remember to plug the iron out and allow it to cool first before you try to clean it.

After you have made your paste, use a clean cloth – preferably white – to dip into the paste and rub onto the soleplate. To rinse, use a damp cloth that is clean. Don’t ever use harsh scrubbing material to clean the soleplate as it will get badly scratched.  It will then be prone to rusts or stains.

That said, you can also clean your soleplate if plastic materials have melted on it. Simply unplug and allow the iron to cool down.  Get a shallow pan and fill it with ice cubes then put the area of the iron with the melted goo on the ice. Allow to sit for up to ten minutes (this hardens the plastic). Using a blunt knife or even the edge of a bank card, scrape the hardened plastic away. You may then clean the area with the mixture you had prepared.

How to Use a Steam Iron Machine

Your steam iron will stay with you for a long time if you take good care of it. Here are a few tips on how to do that:

  • Fill your iron’s reservoir with clean water. Avoid water that has fabric softener or scented water as these can stain your fabrics.
  • Fill the reservoir as prescribed by the user manual. Avoid filling past the “max” line.
  • If your iron has a removable tank, make sure to clip it back securely after you fill it with water.
  • Read your garment’s label for the correct fabric settings for your iron. The temperature is to be set according to your fabric.
  • Wait for your iron to heat up – some irons have a light that comes on as it heats and goes off when it reaches the temperature you had set.
  • When the iron has heated up, turn on the steam setting
  • Lay out the garment on the ironing board. Lay dark color fabrics on the inside out to iron it.
  • Run your iron over your garment section by section, just enough to smooth it out.
  • Your iron automatically releases steam as you go to ensure that the iron is pointed away from you.
  • You may spray your fabric to get deep wrinkles out. First, check your label to ensure that spraying will not spot or stain your clothes.
  • Whenever you are resting the iron set it on its heel.
  • When finished, shut iron off before you unplug it.
  • Pour the water from the iron while still hot and leave the iron on its heels to cool down fully.
  • Loosely wrap the cord around the heel of the iron then put it away, or allow the retractable cords to retract.
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Frequently Asked Question About Steam Iron:

1. Which type of iron is best?

If you mean which type of iron is best for removing wrinkles, then most irons can do that, to some extent. You have small and large irons, light and heavy ones, and some with extra features you might like.  Irons that produce steam also work faster in removing wrinkles. Then, there are irons that glide smoothly, thanks to their soleplate. Easy gliding irons are those with ceramic or stainless steel soleplates. There are at least three types of irons that could be considered the best.  The conventional steam iron uses hot steam in small doses to quickly remove wrinkles from fabric. You can use tap water with these irons, because of their resin filters and anti-calcium valves.

Steamers or steam ironing systems, on the other hand, provides steam under high pressure that flows on the fabric. They take a while to heat up but once it does, it keeps going (as long as there is water in the tank) and won’t shut off automatically. The steam goes over much more space on the fabric and works quickly to erase wrinkles. You don’t need to spray steam with these ironing systems as the flow of steam is sufficient to do the job. The third type of iron is the cordless ones that look like conventional irons, except that they come without power cords. You can easily use these irons as they are so easy to maneuver. They are not quite as effective as the conventional iron or the steamer.

2. What is the best iron for clothes?

Most irons are good for clothes but if you want to use only the steam iron for clothes, then consider the new irons that are currently on the market. They are the steam irons that work with steam or heat to get clothes wrinkle free again.  These irons are not like the dry iron which does not use steam to get the wrinkles out. Dry irons work better on damp fabric. Which iron you use actually depends on the quality of the fabric you are ironing and how deep the wrinkles are.  Tougher fabric with deep wrinkles requires more steam to get them out.  For this, you must use the steam iron. If the iron is heavy, that is a plus especially for those hard to iron material.

3. How do you steam iron clothes?

Before you begin your ironing, check the label on your garment to confirm the type of fabric or blend as well as the care information. Fill your iron’s reservoir with purified distilled water. With distilled water, you won’t get the build-up of mineral that can stain or discolor your clothes. Turn the iron on and select the steam setting. Note that your temperature settings on your steam iron are based on the type of fabric so you need to make sure of the fabric itself. You may start with a lower temperature if you are ironing a piece of fabric for the first time and are not sure about the correct temperature setting. Slowly increase the temperature as you go. Place the heated iron on your garment and move it back and forth. Avoid staying too long on one spot or you will burn or scorch your clothes!  As you move your iron back and forth, apply blasts of steam with the steam button (if your iron has one) to get the wrinkles out. You may also spray stubborn wrinkles with water and run the iron over the spot again. As you iron, move the fabric on the ironing board to access areas that are not yet ironed. Quick tips are to button shirts and cuffs so that you can get around the buttons and remove as many wrinkles as possible. Iron your clothes inside out, and use a clean cover on your ironing board so that dirt is not transferred to your clothes.

4. What is the hottest setting on the iron?

Most irons are equipped with a sliding scale or dial that allows you to select the temperature for ironing. The temperature you select is based on the type of fabric. The hottest setting for most irons is linen, followed by cotton and wool. Thankfully, there are irons that accurately set the temperature simply by the fabric you choose.  You won’t accidentally burn your clothes because of an incorrect temperature setting.

5. How do you clean a steam iron?

There are a number of ways you can clean your steam iron. You could use a damp cloth to wipe the slightly heated soleplate to rid it of gunk. If you are up against a stubborn stain, use mild detergent, just a small amount, with a nylon mesh pad. You could also use dryer sheets to remove dirt and grime that have accumulated on your steam iron. Make sure to set your iron on low first. Then run it over a clean cloth to remove residue from the dryer sheets.

To clean the inside of your steam iron, use white vinegar and water (in equal parts). Pour into the water reservoir to about one third then turn the iron on to medium or high heat and allow it to steam for up to 10 minutes. By that time the vinegar will evaporate. Afterward, fill the chamber with water and turn the iron on again to remove remaining minerals and vinegar traces. You may finally wipe the bottom of your iron and the steam vents with a clean cloth or paper towel to also rid the iron of collected rust. If you have a replaceable filter that automatically descales water, you won’t need to follow these steps. Simply replace the filters as recommended in your user manual.

You could also use baking soda (two teaspoons with water or white vinegar) mixed into a paste to remove those hard to clean stains from your steam iron. Use a soft cloth to do this than wipe away with a damp cloth. White toothpaste could also be used to remove gunk from your steam iron. Another trick is to use salt placed on a cotton or paper towel and, with the iron set at its highest temperature and the steam off, run it over the towel to get rid of dirt and leave your iron spanking clean. Salt sprinkled on the aluminum foil is also great to remove molten plastic from your soleplate. For removing wax, set the iron on the highest temperature and pass it over a newspaper. For removing oil, soak a little ammonia on a clean cloth and wipe the soleplate with it. Wipe with a damp cloth. To learn how to maintain and clean your steam iron, read the user manual.


Final verdict

Any doubt you had at the start that you have chosen the best steam iron for clothes or other materials is dispelled by now. With our review and buyers guide, you have all the information you need to choose your steam iron. You are ahead of the curve here and all you need to do now is choose your steam iron and get started. Nothing should stop you from getting what you want from the best steam irons 2018 has to offer. Maybe your budget can afford all the steam irons in our top picks. So, take the best one.