how to use steam press

How to Use a Steam Press Iron Machine

Having clothes that are neat is important to most people. They want to look their best, and a big part of that is ensuring that your clothes are neatly ironed. Sometimes, no matter how much effort you put in, your clothes are stubborn and wrinkle for some reason. Getting rid of wrinkles on some type of fabrics need an extra bit of care delivered in a gentle and efficient manner. Rather than going to the dry cleaner each time you need this extra care for your linens and silks, purchasing a steam press is an excellent addition to your home appliances because it allows you do this yourself. It is simple to use just like the conventional iron. However, its higher steaming power means you save yourself time and money in the long term. You also like – best steam iron review.

Apart from its efficiency, steam press also helps to maintain the integrity and shape of fabrics, especially shirts. Also, steam press helps to get your clothes in shape, making you look smart when you wear them.

How a steam press works

Steam press utilize a combination of pressure and steam; the steam can be released using air or vacuum. The aim of applying steam to a clothing material is to make it soft and easy to press. It is the high pressure that is applied to the garment that removes any wrinkles easily, while the heat from the steam enables the cloth to dry faster, thereby keeping it in shape. Furthermore, the vacuum or air helps to remove the steam from the garment, thereby quickening the process of drying. In a typical steam press, the pressure comes is applied from the top, while the bottom releases steam. Our top related product review- best garments steamer review.

General Safety tips for using the steam press

  1. Do not leave your steam press unattended when it is plugged in
  2. It is dangerous to use the presser when any part such as the cord or plug is not working properly.
  3. Do not put other items apart from clothes in the presser
  4. It is advisable to leave the presser to cool for about 30 minutes to one hour before storing.
  5. It is dangerous to hold the appliance close to the skin or eyes while it is emitting steam as it may lead to burns
  6. Before you operate the presser, make sure that you properly fill it with water
  7. Operating another high voltage appliance on the same circuit as the presser increases the likelihood of a circuit overload.
  8. It is advisable to utilize distilled water on the presser
  9. Prior to using the steam press, read the electrical information on the label properly so as to ensure it agrees with your power supply.
  10. Read the instructions carefully before you start operating the machine. Get conversant with all the parts of the presser before use.

Operation Tips

  1. First of all, identify the type of fabric you intend to press and chose the temperature setting accordingly. Generally, it is better to start pressing the delicate ones because higher temperatures damage nylon and silk.
  2. Activating the burst of steam feature when the unit is completely closed may damage it. You will obtain better results if you open the pressing plate for about 75mm above the ironing board before pressing the steam button.
  3. Press your clothes by gently lowering the pressing plate on the fabric and ironing board. Hold it for between 6-10 secs before lifting the pressing plate up. Repeat this until the cloth is smooth and wrinkle free.

How to Use a Steam Press

Steam press is getting popular and you need to know how to use it efficiently for the best results. It is best to set up your steam press on a flat surface, and if you are setting it up on a polished surface, ensure that you cover it with a cloth or something to protect it. After you have opened the locks, you need to switch it on and wait for a minute or more for it to get hot. In a similar manner that you will set the temperature for a conventional iron, you need to set the required heat level according to the fabric you are pressing. Related Review Best Steam Jewelry Cleaner.

For bigger materials like bed sheets, you need to fold and store it behind the pressing pad, as this will make it easy to pull forward as necessary when pressing. For the best finish on your garments or linen, make it damp by spritzing it with mist from a spray bottle. When you iron with a steam press, you will discover that in less than half the time you spend with conventional irons, your clothes will be ready. Also, an excellent steam press will apply a pressure that is five times that of a conventional iron, resulting in a garment that crisp looking, but easy to achieve.

However, just as you will take your time to read the instructions in any new appliance, it is always better to do same with the presser. This will enable you to use it correctly and ensure that it lasts as long as it should. Those who take care of their press have used it for a lifetime and you will achieve same if you handle it with utmost care.

Removing Wrinkle using a steam press

Here are steps you must follow to successfully remove wrinkles from your garments:

  1. Lower the steam plate until it is about 3 inches above the ironing board
  2. Release the burst of steam by pressing the button by the side of the pressing handle (depending on the design)
  3. Wait for a few minutes before you release the burst of steam again
  4. Then, lower the pressing plate on the garment for some seconds and then raise it up
  5. Repeat the process above until you are satisfied with the finishing of the garment

How to press your shirt like a professional

To deliver an excellently pressed shirt or blouse, you need to undertake your pressing in sections. First of all, begin with the shirt’s yoke; this is best done using the corner of the press. After that, go on with the sleeves.

The sleeve of your shirt will perfectly fit in the flat area of the press, but ensure that the armhole seam is positioned at the end of the padded base. After that, you need to press the back and front sections, then left and right with the shirt buttons at the front of the board. Pull the shirt towards yourself as you press each section. The last part to be pressed is the collar; ensure that it is only the collar that is on the board. This is to prevent you from squeezing the part that has already been ironed.

How to press trousers like a professional

Trousers are made in various styles and with several types of fabrics. However, there is the no different way of pressing them. As you finish one part of the trouser, shift it towards yourself to iron the next part. Place a small pad under pleats and pockets to guard against getting them creased. Start with the waistband and reposition it until it is completely pressed.

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Press in-seam and pleats by placing the area on the ironing board. If the trouser has embroidery, place it face down on the ironing board to prevent damage to delicate areas. The legs of the trouser should be pressed one half at a time except it fits into the press at once.

How to press different fabrics and garments

In a similar way to washing, different categories of fabric and garments have guidelines to follow while pressing. For fabrics that are a mix of acrylic and wool, it is not necessary to apply much pressure or spend much time pressing it. Also, ensure that you read the label found on the fabric. Furthermore, knitted materials do not need much time nor pressure; the amount of heat will be low and it is not necessary to use steam.

To press denims, you first need to spritz it with water to make it soft; you also need to press is longer than other types of fabrics. Elastic materials must be held firmly whole pressing to prevent unwanted creasing. It may also be necessary to place the pressing cushion between the fabric and pressing plate when pressing delicate fabrics.

For fabrics that have zippers or plastic buttons, you need to be extra careful to avoid melting them while pressing. If possible, place the cloth face down and cover the button/zipper with a pressing cushion before you start pressing. To remove stubborn wrinkles on your fabrics, place a damp cloth over the fabric prior to pressing.

After pressing, unplug the unit from the power source and allow it to cool completely before you prepare it for storage. Always store your steam press in a cool, dry place.

Final Thoughts

Our tutorial has provided details every step of the way about how you can use a steam press to get rid of stubborn wrinkles. We have not only mentioned to you how you can do it, but how it will benefit you as well.

Once you’ve gone through this tutorial, you won’t need to spend money at a dry cleaner for small tasks that you can do yourself. The best part about our tutorial is that it teaches you how to do it like the professionals.

Let us know how this tutorial has helped you to get wrinkles out of your clothes while saving you time and money.